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CC: Nice to meet you~
I HAVEN'T TOUCHED DA IN SO LONG :iconsweatingplz: I also forgot to upload this- i.e I am a bad mother
Thank u very much for accepting Alice!! ;____; I hope our kids can be friends!! 

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CC: Alice Kanakura
:iconcleffordconservatory: !!!!!!!!


Name: Alice Kanakura
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Date of Birth: The 22nd of May (Gemini)
Blood Type: A
Height: 153cm / 5'0"
Nationality: Japanese | Korean

Degree: Undergraduate | Vocals
Year: 1st
Elective: Jazz Orchestra


+ Compassionate + Hardworking + Patient + Studious + Optimistic +
- Secretive - Self-doubting - Overworking - Over-analytical - Over-allocentric 

With a soft-looking appearance, Alice matches her kind exterior. She is always inquisitive, and craves knowledge about anything that comes into contact with her senses, so much so to the point where playing 21 questions might not become a fun game anymore. She is intrigued by the world of the commoner and takes a liking to partaking in their everyday practices. In saying this, Alice is a very optimistic person, and always sees the good and bad side of everything and everyone. You could consider her a kind of profiler. She is very open to trying new things and isn't afraid to step outside her comfort zone, however she does become shy when talking highly about herself. Alice never accepts a compliment first try, and often neglects to talk about herself in any conversation unless asked. This, unfortunately, sometimes will affect her personality and communication ability, where if something strikes a chord, she will fail to voice her opinion and will instead stay silent and 'brush it off'. This may cause others to worry about her, as she will also fail to alert others to the fact that she is feeling unwell or unstable as she would hate to burden anyone with her troubles if they are able to be ignored easily. Alice also has a tendency to overwork herself, meaning that her health will sometimes become poor, but she will neglect medical attention because of her long-time fear of needles and anything related (medicine, doctors in general, etc).

Into university, Alice has found a passion in singing, which she never thought she would, which may relate to why she feels rather detached and out of place in a musical academy. However, she's a determined and earnest student, who knows she still has a long way to go in regards to vocal training and musical theory, and is not the type of person to admit she knows it all already at such a young age. She's very open to receiving feedback and practicing until she believes, or her teachers believe, that her performance is worthy of the stage!

History Everyone's Bios are so detailed and beautiful and mine is just :iconpapcryplz:

Despite being born to a Korean mother and Japanese father, Alice was born and raised in the heart of London in a more than sizeable home for the majority of her young life. For 19 years, she has juggled three languages, speaking Japanese to her father, English at school, and learning Korean from her mother, cram school and her personal study. Her tendency to study out of pure curiosity about things she doesn't know led her personal and parents' interest in enrolling her in piano lessons to see if she could pick it up. Of course, she did with no trouble, and found a fascination with the instrument but not a passion. Fortunately, Alice's parents were and still aren't the traditional type, and therefore she was quick to drop lessons after her 3rd grade examination. From this, Alice had a basic understanding of musical theory, but soon lost her interest in any type of musical instrument until she realised that perhaps rather than holding or being sat in front of something, she could potentially use herself. Here, she found a passion for singing, and it became a great asset when practicing language, singing in the languages that she studied. Through this, Alice was also able to pick up basic conversational French and German, propelling her through school like a rocket until the present day.

Likes | Dislikes

+ Shopping
+ Fashion and makeup (I planned for her image to be rather Larme-kei-based... I hope you can see it ;; )
+ Social media
+ International music
+ Animals

- Extensive solitude (being inside for too long)
- Hospitals (needles, doctors, medicine, etc)
- Relying on others
- Dishonesty
- Bad habits (alcohol, smoking, foul language, etc)

Favourite Pieces

I tried to be universal here but :iconpapcryplz:
Feeling Good
Derniere Danse
It don't mean a thing (If it ain't got that Swing)
Blue Moon

Alice prefers modern music to classic, but doesn't completely neglect the type. She has a relatively mature voice for her stature, but can do her best to hit high notes if needed ;; Although, she still believes she needs practice on this.



RP Method and Timezone

* Skype, Twitter and LINE OK! (I don't often check DA ;___; I'm sorry)
* AEDT! So that is... UTC +10 currently I think!

[ Hah... After constantly redrawing both her fullbody and headshot images... I am finally finished!! Apologies for taking so long ;_; I'm finally happy with my daughter so I wanna draw her more now... Goodbye social life during Autumn holidays :iconheplz: I hope I did everything right... It's been so long since I've joined a group on DA !! ;_; Anyway, I look forward to interacting with everyone !! Thank you very much for inviting me :iconyulipo: and :iconoksae: !! Two of my very dearest friends... I look forward to talking a lot with you again soon!! ]


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